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Locally the world’s best digital service provider for the built environment

Smart solutions for managing the built environment

Point Group is a cluster of built environment experts, whose experienced specialists are superbly skilled in their own fields. The group has a clear view of the objectives in both horizontal and vertical construction, its challenges, successes, and future needs.

Our experts are proficient in all aspects of the built environment life cycle. We offer our clients the best software, experienced specialists, and intelligent solutions for managing the built environment. Together with our clients, we ensure that our built environment retains its value and structural integrity now and in the future.

A cluster of built environment experts

Arkance Systems companies in Finland


Manage the built world

A lot of detailed information emerges during the life cycle of a built environment, which has enormous added value for owners and administrators of real assets. Assetpoint offers unique solutions for long-term information management of infrastructure and real estate assets. Assetpoint provides a project-specific, digital maintenance log that records how a building, railway, or port was built, how and when it is maintained, and what the value of the asset is.



Software that build the future

Buildpoint offers software solutions for the building construction trade, serving buyers, designers, and builders. The experts at Buildpoint understand the entire life cycle of our built environment and all the applications that are needed during its various phases. The company offers its software clients extensive support, training and consultation services.



Software that build the future

Civilpoint offers software solutions for the infrastructure sector and is a leader in its field in Finland. A significant part of Finnish infrastructure projects is done with software that Civilpoint represents. The company is an authorized retailer of Trimble and Autodesk software and offers its software clients extensive support, training and consultation services.


Partnership for the benefit of our clients

Are you looking for a retailer for your building or infrastructure sector product?

If your business has a software product that needs a professional sales team, we have the solution. Our business has a broad client base and our professionals have extensive networks. We will find the right channels to sell your products. We are looking for new products to complement our software selection for our companies that retail Trimble and Autodesk. Please leave your contact information, and we will contact you.

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