What is Point Group?

Point Group was founded to serve design, construction, and asset management. We offer our clients the best software, experienced specialists, and intelligent solutions for managing the built environment.

We know the needs of infrastructure and building construction buyers, designers, and owners. Our experts are proficient in all aspects of the built environment life cycle. We use this synergy to the benefit of our clients.

We offer our clients comprehensive consultation, off-the-shelf or custom software, quality training, as well as professional support services. The goal of all our efforts is to enable our clients to develop their business and to help our clients succeed.

All the Point Group companies operate according to our customer promise:

Point Group is a cluster of built environment experts, whose experienced specialists are superbly skilled in their own fields. The group has a clear view of the objectives of both horizontal and vertical construction and its challenges, successes, and future needs.

Together with our clients, we ensure that our built environment retains its value and structural integrity now and in the future.

Toimimme aina asiakaslupaustemme mukaisesti:

Our service is always personalized, friendly, and robust

The products that we offer are world class

We take a long-term approach to improve our clients’ productivity